The International Organization for Migration is an intergovernmental humanitarian organization established in 1951.

Important information

  • At the moment, IOM has 149 Members. A further 12 states hold observer status, as do numerous international and nongovernmental organizations. 
  • More than 450 field locations.
  • More than 7,800 staff are working on more than 2,700 projects.
  • More than US$ 1.3 billion expenditures in 2011.
  • IOM Headquarters are located in Geneva.
  • Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are members of IOM. Lithuania was the first from  the Baltic states to become a member of IOM on the 23rd of November, 1998.

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29 July 2011 Migrants in the Spotlight project intern has produced an article on family emigration from Lithuania. Families replacing single emigrants from Lithuania.


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