What is AVR?

Assisted voluntary return (AVR) is assistance (such as financial assistance, transport, travel documents, reintegration) provided by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for migrants willing to return to their home country. AVR is always based on the returnee’s voluntary decision and free will. Such assistance is free for migrants, it lowers the risk for human rights violations, and preserves the dignity of the returnee.


What is IOM?

IOM is an international humanitarian organization with over 400 offices around the world. We can assist in pre-departure, transit and arrival. IOM is not part of the Lithuanian government.


Who can return?

IOM may be able to help you return home if:

-       your visa has expired

-       you are staying in Lithuania illegally, but you arrived/entered legally

-       you are an asylum seeker


How does it work?

1)     Persons willing to receive assistance from IOM have to fill in an Assisted Voluntary Return form and declaration. Forms and declarations in foreign languages can be downloaded here:


Form (Eng)  

Declaration (Eng)  

Form (Ru)

Declaration (Ru)

Form (Fr)

Declaration (Fr)

Form (Geo)

Declaration (Geo)

Form (Hindi)

Declaration (Hindi)

Form (Dari)

Declaration (Dari)

Form (Urdu)

Declaration (Urdu)

Form (Chinese)

Declaration (Chinese)

Form (Tamil)

Declaration (Tamil)

Form (Vietnamese) 

Declaration (Vietnamese) 


The forms can also be obtained by contacting IOM by e-mail or telephone or by visiting the IOM Vilnius office. It is very important that the information provided in the forms is accurate and correct otherwise we might not be able to help. The forms are confidential.


2)    Your form will be processed and IOM staff will contact you to confirm or decline the assistance. If IOM assistance is confirmed, your return will be planed and arrangements for your departure will be made by IOM staff. Special considerations will be made for persons with special needs.

3)    On the day of your departure IOM staff will meet you at the airport/station and hand in your tickets and return allowance. Also, excess baggage allowance can be made.

4)    You will return as a regular passenger (medical or humanitarian escort can also be arranged)


Why ask for IOM assistance?

  • Simple – IOM will help out with travel arrangements and legal procedures
  • Voluntary and dignified – you will travel as a regular passenger
  • Advantageous – you will not face additional obstacles when obtaining visas or residence permits next time you apply, if you return voluntarily
  • Small financial allowance is given to help you upon return


IOM Vilnius is implementing a reintegration project "Reintegration: Towards Sustainable Return" for persons who returned to their home countries with IOM assistance. For more information please see here.



How to contact IOM?

By mail: AVR programme, International Organization for Migration, Jaksto 12, Vilnius, LT-01105

By phone: +370 5 261 13 29, free line: 8 800 12342, by email: ,



IOM will help you return home only if you wish to do so.

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