Migration policy and technical cooperation




Technical cooperation remains one of IOM’s priority service areas in the Baltic region. Up until Lithuania’s accession to the EU, the main aim had been to assist state’s efforts to meet European Community acquis communautaires as they relate to the sphere of migration and particularly irregular migration.  IOM was active in the fields related to the EU accession process and implemented a number of capacity building projects in Lithuania. After Lithuania’s accession to the EU the focus of technical cooperation projects shifted.


Currently, IOM involvement is mainly in improving the availability of, and access to, information concerning migration at the European and national level in order to support policy- and decision-making in the EU.


In 2008 IOM was requested by the Lithuanian Government to represent Lithuania in the European migration network (EMN) and act as the National Contact Point. The EMN links all EU MS in a common network with an aim to provide the Community and the member States with objective, reliable and comparable information on the migration and asylum situation.  In the framework of the project the IOM Vilnius office coordinates EMN activities in Lithuania, prepares studies, and collects statistical data, providing needed analysis and expertise on migration and asylum issues.


In 2011, IOM Vilnius, in cooperation with the EMN and the Lithuanian Government, has launched the website, Migration in Numbers in Lithuania. The website is a source of main official statistical information on migration and asylum. It not only provides data but also explains migration statistics in a user-friendly manner with maps and graphs.


The main areas of technical cooperation:

·         Policy and Migration Management in the context of EU enlargement,

·         Border Management, training of Border Guards,

·         Development of Information Systems,

·         Training of consular officials,

·         Asylum policy and procedures, including that for children

·         Migration and Security,

·         Collection and analysis of data on migration and asylum.


The main activities include:

·         Seminars, Training, Study visits,

·         Baltic officials’ secondments in EU countries,

·         Research initiation, Information dissemination,

·         Participation in EU networks on migration and asylum.


Target groups:

·         Migration Department,

·         Migration policy department,

·         Border Guard officials,

·         Ministry of Interior,

·         Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Migration policy and technical cooperation

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